Tortuga - Excursions by boat Otranto
Tortuga - Excursions by boat Otranto
Excursions by boat Otranto

Sea, friends, family, traditions, fun, relax… and sea again. The blue seas are the heart of Salento.
Tortuga rides the wave to explore them.

Fabrizio’s dream is to show the beauty of the sea in this piece of Paradise, the Eastern coast of Salento.

To achieve this goal: an 8 meters 250 engine power fiberglass Suzuki boat and his longlife experience in sailing, fishing and scuba diving.
Tortuga organizes boat trips where you will enjoy the sea air and beauty, taste some local appetizers, sunbathe.

your boat trip in Salento

Unlike most boats sailing in similar types of tour, Tortuga sets a maximum number of passengers – 8/9 people – in order to ensure maximum comfort and privacy to its passengers.

Excursions timetable:

At sunrise (6 people minimum or private tour)
From 4:30 a.m. /5:00 a.m. to 7:30a.m./8:00 a.m. (the exact time of the excursion depends on the time the sun rises.)
In the morning : from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
In the afternoon : from 15:30p.m. to 18:30 p.m.

Tortuga - Escursioni in barca Otranto
North/South coast excursions and Private tour

Nord/sud in base alle condizioni meteo/marine:

The part of the coast to be sightseen depends on the weather conditions/sea state:

Northern coast: Mulinod’Acqua, Remito; BaiaMarrone, Imperia, Baia de’ Turchi Southern coast: BaiadelleOrte, Faro
(*2 stops-over for bathing scheduled)

Diver’s mask and fins provided
*where possible; it depends on weather state and marine traffic near the coast

Tortuga can be rented privately for a taylor-made North/South tour:

Half a day: from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Half a day: from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
For details call 388.8880201

Tortuga - Excursions by boat Otranto
In the surroundings
Excursions / Otranto

During the summer this small town of six thousand inhabitants hosts thousands of tourists reaching
Salento to admire its beauties . Otranto is like a jewel set between West and East, a rich combination of history, art and breathtaking landscapes.
Its architectural treasures will have powerful emotional impact on the visitor; examples are: the Aragonese Castle, a 15 thcentury military fort and Santa Maria Annunziata Cathedral, an 11 thcentury building of incredible historic artistic value (the mortal remains of the 800 martyrs killed by the Turcs in 1480 to defend their own faith are enshrined in the Cathedral).

Baia dei Turchi
BaiadeiTurchi is situated few km North of Otranto. It is the place where, according to the tradition, the
Turc warriors went ashore during the siege on Otranto in the 15 thcentury.
BaiadeiTurchi belongs to the Nature reserve of LaghiAlimini.
In 2009 the FAI (a nation-wide non-profit foundation established to safeguard Italy’s artistic and natural heritage)communicated BaiadeiTurchi is twelfth in the national list, promoted by FAI, of the most beloved places in Italy. It was previously placed among the first one hundred places in Italy to be safeguarded. Close to BaiadeiTurchi you will find the crystal-clear waters of Mulinod’Acqua, Remito, BaiaMorrone, Imperia where Tortuga’s stops over for bathing take place.

Baia delle Orte
It is placed on a wild piece of coastline South of Otranto where nature always provides you with new
emotions. BaiadelleOrte is worth it for the crystal-clear water sheltered by low cliffs laden with wild coloured flowers and brushes. The famous Bauxite lake lies behind this wonderful landscape.
The rocky cliff normally prevents access to the sea from the mainland; Tortuga makes it easier and more direct.
A pristine isolated paradise for those seeking an easy contentment in which to unwind, warm breezes, sun and uncontaminated nature.

Punta Palascia
Set South of BaiadelleOrte, Punta Palascia turns to be the most easterly point in Italy; it is the best place to watch sunrise. It is also named “Capo d’Otranto” (“Far end of Otranto”) given its geographic position. Punta Palascia’s lighthouse has been officially recognized as one of the five most important lighthouses in the Mediterranean.
It is also an archeological site being very close to the famous “GrottadeiCervi”, a natural cave located in Porto Badisco, traced back to the Paleolithic Period because of the important pictograms found on the walls inside it.

Torre Sant’Emiliano
It is a coastal turret that gives the name to the surrounding area (between Porto Badisco and Punta Palascia).
What remains today is just the ruin of one of the most ancient coastal towers probably built in the 16th century to defend Salento’s coasts .
The place is not easy to be reached; however, it is one destination you don’t want to miss when visiting Salento for the breathtaking views from the tower.

Porto Miggiano
It’s a coastal place belonging to the town of Santa CesareaTerme.
It has a tourist harbour and a 16th century tower built to defend the harbour from Saracen attacks.
It is a rocky inlet rising steeply from the sea and has a sandy seabed.
It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Apulia (also called the one hundred stairs beach).

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